Frantix is a new PSP game being published by SOE. Its quite an addicting and very simple game. Its a 3D puzzle game with you being the character running around in different types of landscapes. There are 6 different landscapes in all and they offer a wide variety of visuals and weather affects as well as obstacles and objectives.

Frantix features 150 different levels with the first few levels being tutorial based. You start off the game in a small room and your goal is collect 4 gems. The game is based around collecting gems and getting to the exit without being killed.

The view is a top-down semi isomorphic. You can change the camera angle around to aid you in your goal. The puzzles offered in the game range from ridiculously easy to incredibly challenging. The replay value of the game is way up there since some levels will take a while to complete and you can try to get the highest score for the level. Also as you progress you can unlock new levels and characters further increasing the replay value of the game.

In some levels you get power ups that can either help or hurt you. An example would be that if it were darker you could find a flashlight power up to help you see better in the dark. Some levels also contain power ups that slow you down to help you get across an area before you get hit by a bomb.

The levels incorporate a myriad of different puzzle styles. Some could be moving blocks into the water to create a path to walk on, but you must move the blocks in a certain order or you could make the block unreachable. Also there are enemies in the game that you could use to help you pass the level. It really is a thinking mans game.

If you own a PSP and love the small and addicting games then this is a must have, its as simple as that. The controls are very easy and it looks great. There gameplay is simplistic as there is nothing to shoot or kill and the game focuses strictly on the puzzles. One last note is the game is single player only. It would have been fun to do multiplayer and see who can do it the fastest or have coop puzzles.

Expect a fall 2005 release date.