JTF is being published by HD Interactive and its a new RTS that features some of the best visuals Ive ever seen in an RTS. JTF focuses on micromanagement. There are no building buildings and defenses. You are given a set of units at the beginning of each mission and can order more if need be.

The game is set in 2008 and offers dynamic missions in that the objectives expand new map area as they are complete. Previously unviewed map area becomes available once some objectives are complete. Also the game features dynamic weather such as sandstorms, rain, and night. If youre in a sandstorm your air units are useless since their equipment cant handle it. Also your range of vision is decreased for your ground units.

JTF features a full physics engine that makes for a very realistic environment. Everything is destructible. The explosions are the best Ive seen in an RTS and they cannot be put in words. The units fly into the air and fall on the ground if their vehicle is blown up.

Also units can use every object in the game as cover. The AI will automatically hide behind tanks if selected in a group. Your troops can hide behind buildings and cars and also go into buildings to use them as cover. If the enemy is occupying a building you can send your troops in to take them out or attack them from the outside.

The amount of detail in JTF is unseen in any RTS. The only thing Ive seen that comes close is Age of Empires 3, and I havent seen the game live yet. Screenshots cannot do this game justice it just looks amazing. The water effects look great and have reflections on them as well as distortion and shading.

When playing the game you get heros to play as. Your hero can go from campaign to campaign but your units cannot. Your units can gain experience and be promoted to a hero so they too can be carried over to the next campaign. As your unit gains levels it becomes more accurate and stronger. Also your units only have a certain amount of ammo. You have to be aware of your ammo and make sure not to waste it. Another neat feature is the ability to capture enemy tanks. If you can take out the enemy before they reach their tank you can control it. The downside is your units have no idea how to use it properly so their accuracy will be degraded.

Also troops cannot attack tanks, realistically speaking they cant anyway. Gunfire on a tank does nothing to it. They can, however, attack units controlling the guns at the top. If your units are set to attack a tank they will attempt to kill the unit manning the machine gun otherwise they wont do anything.

The game also offers a coop multiplayer option. This is by far the best part of the game, to be able to play it online with friends. This alone should be enough reason to buy the game.

JTF offers a great RTS experience with incredible visuals and a lot of features. It is slated to come out in the 2nd quarter of 2006.