Conflict Global Terror is another game being published by SCi. Its a squad based third person and first person shooter. Its similar to Rainbow 6 but has its differences. Also its being developed for the PC, Xbox, and PS2. Its based on an anti-terror group sent to destroy the enemy.

The game is opened ended as you can take various routes to get to your destination. Also there is a lot of cover for you to hide behind in order to protect yourself from the enemy. The AI in the game is probably the best of its kind. The enemy does a lot of things that havent been done before, or have been done before but done poorly. The enemy always takes cover. If it is behind a tree it will circle strafe the tree and pop out and try to shoot you. If the enemy takes damage in the leg it will limp back to a stronger enemy and wait for you there. We actually followed a unit into a garage, up stairs, and around a few corners to which it stopped and hid behind a stronger unit and attacked.

Also another feature worth mentioning is the fact that the grenades actually fall where you point. They have quite a bit of distance and they are pivotal part of the game. You can aim at an enemy gunner across the field and throw a grenade and it will land there. If enemy units see the grenade coming or see it fall they will run away. We actually saw enemy units run from the grenade as it was in the air because they saw it.

The graphics in the game are incredible. The game takes place in the jungle, snow, and some city. The terrain and textures look great and I cannot wait for this title to come out so I can better test the AI.