Kingdom Hearts 2 is the sequel to the RPG (Role-playing game) Kingdom Hearts. Not too much about the story was said but the game follows the same format of combat and gameplay. The character movements are much smoother than the original. The new characters and worlds will greatly improve the gameplay and story. What really caught my attention was the new combat moves, multiple character moves and special fusion between characters. The new moves include special combos/moves made for each boss. The multiple character combos involve two characters, like Zora and Donald, working together to create new and more damaging combos. The character fusions consists of two characters merging their powers and skills into one body, this special feature merges their clothes and appearance as well.

When I started playing the demo @ the Square Enix booth, Zora and a final fantasy character faced off against the 3-headed dog(forgot the name). The Square Enix people were showing me how to do some of the said special moves, so I got off a couple of the new multiple character blows, which by the way, were extremely cool. On another stage, I fought Hades (the bad guy from Hercules) and I was able to use the fusion technique as I merged Zora and Goofy to create a weird concoction of a character, this special move made the newly formed avatar faster and stronger. The fusion also creates advantages/disadvantages depending on the characters you combine and the power and skill needed to defeat an enemy.

Overall, this game will definitely be a great title and a worthy successor, at least for the people that played and enjoyed the original. The new, awesome combat moves will make the public forget about any cons about the game, although I just hope they introduce more characters/bosses and worlds to make the game varied and different from the original.

By: Nestor Rentas