Full Metal Alchemist or as known in the anime world "FMA" is a role-playing game by Square Enix. The story starts at the beginning of the anime but then it sways off to a new adventure in the Elrich brothers lives. In this new journey, the brothers will build up the alchemy skills as well as physical talents. Along the way, they will encounter new and old enemies alike, such as chimeras and new alchemists to battle against. Old characters like the flame alchemist, the iron-fist alchemist, and other familiar faces will assist you on your journey. The character voice-overs use the dubbed American version of FMA.

The gameplay is definitely impressive since it incorporates combat and alchemy techniques to create awesome hits and combos. Alchemy will be used along the game to assist you in battles, but also to advance in areas and help others through out story. Use alchemy to repair bridges, make weapons and attack/defend yourself against the enemies, but before you need to build your experience and alchemy skills in order to pull off these incredible alchemy tricks and moves.

The graphics seems a bit sluggish for a Square Enix title, I definitely expected better graphics, but I suspect they might be limited by the console (PS2).

All in All, this game will be a success with the anime fans. If you like the FMA anime you will love this game but for people that did not enjoy the anime or do not watch any, it may become a bit hard to enjoy the title.

By: Nestor Rentas