City of Villains (MMORPG by NCsoft)
By: Kenneth Shelton

This new title from NCsoft is the follow up to their hit MMORPG City of Heroes and is being presented as basically the opposite of it. Instead of being hero, as the name implies, you get to play as a villain and increase your influence by rising in the ranks of the crime boss that runs the City of Villains.

The most appealing aspect of this game is that it links to City of Heroes and will allow you to interact with common characters from that game in addition to the PCs. There will be 7 PVE areas created for this game along with 4 PVP areas and the players will be given a huge variety of costumes to choose from for the customization of the character.

In addition to customizing your character, you will be able to create and customize your hideout and defend it or attack others in pre-scheduled battles. Also, the environment that will be featured is the first MMORPG environment that is using an advanced physics engine. It will be using the PhysX engine by Ageia which will enable the world to be almost completely destructible.

NCsoft did say that, pertaining to the interaction with City of Heroes game, owners of the City of Heroes game will be able to download, free of charge, and update that will enable the new physics and textures for City of Heroes and that the interaction with those maps from inside of City of Villains will be using the new textures and physics.

With beautiful graphics, a nice solid story line, great game play, and interaction with their pre-existing hit this game will definitely gain avid followers.