Fullmetal Alchemist 2: The Curse of the Crimson Elixir (Square Enix)
By: Nestor Rentas

This years Square Enix’s booth @ E3 was bursting with fresh new games as well as sequels to previous releases. We quickly set our sights on the new FMA2 following the success of the first FMA release within the anime lovers. FMA freaks, like us, were ecstatic to get our hands this particular game. The most shocking revelation was that the first 4 chapters of the games’ storyline will be corresponding to the TV series. Meaning the story will begin at “Lior City” and then veer off to a new adventure in the Elrich brother’s lives. In this combination of storylines from the TV series and new ones, you will play as the state alchemist “Edward Elrich” or better known as the Fullmetal Alchemist accompanied by Al Elrich, his younger brother, also an alchemist. The character’s voices are portrayed by the same actors from the original TV series.

In this role playing genre, the brothers will do battle with new and old enemies in order to develop your attacks, physical traits, and improve your scientific alchemy skills. As you mature and develop as an alchemist, the more powerful and destructive your alchemy becomes. The utilization of alchemy throughout the game has a great similarity to the TV series counter-part. Bandai was able to capture the essential use of alchemy from the anime and convey it clearly to the video game. Some alchemy uses include; creating useful items, creating weapons (swords, axes, giant hammers, spears), regeneration of Al Elrich armor, rebuilding of bridges in order to advance on missions and others. An astonishing aspect is the blending of combat manners and alchemy techniques which emit incredible fighting combos and hits.

Along their journey the brother’s will encounter old alchemists as well as new amazing ones. So far, we have spotted characters like Lt. Hawkeye, the Flame Alchemist “Roy Mustang”, the Iron-Fist Alchemist “Louis Amstrong”, and even the Chimeras created by the Sewing Life Alchemist “Shou Tucker” and others.

Looks like the graphics to this game are been limited by the PS2 console but overall this game will be a sensation with FMA fans, it will be to us! The only playable version @ E3 was for the PS2 console but with any luck other consoles will be available for the public release. Check out in-game play clip(s), the clip might be an exceptionally small length due to Square Enix’s strict rule on video capture.