Inuyasha: Feudal Combat (Bandai)
By: Nestor Rentas

The Bandai booth at E3 was crowded with gamers trying to get a chance to win prizes by playing the existing demo of Inuyasha. Gamers faced each other in a 2-player versus mode in which winners of each match would receive cool products from Bandai. The only area of the game that was covered by the playable demo was versus mode. In this mode you will fight head-to-head choosing from 12 different characters from the TV series anime; this mode offers an option to play with or without a character, similar to Marvel-vs-Capcom but without being able to control your partner. Thus far, available characters include Kogome, Inuyasha, Shippo, Sesshomaru (Inuyasha's brother), Sango (the demon Hunter), Miroku (the priest), Koga, Kykio (the priestess) and others.

In the public release version of the game, you will be able to choose from mission mode, story mode, and player versus mode. In story mode you will experience the world of Inuyasha as you fight your way through feudal-era Japan. Battling your way across storylines from the TV series, you will develop your character’s attacks, compatibility with other partners, and improve your skills. Through the story’s progression, your character will level up in a role playing fashion, adding depth to an otherwise simple genre.

The amazing in-play cut scenes show off the characters special moves featured in the anime. At this point, moves like Inuyasha’s Wind-scar, Kogome’s Sacred-arrow, Miroku’s Wind-tunnel are at your disposal, but the final version should feature a whole array of moves you have come to know.

Story telling fused with the fast action fighting style of “Inuyasha: FC” is similar to that of Dragonball Z: Budokai games. Shockingly to us, the most impressive attribute the game offers is in the similarity to the anime counter-part. Bandai was able to capture the characters body language from the anime, and transpose it flawlessly to the video game.

Fanatics of the long-standing TV series will be thrill to be able to fight as if they were part of the Inuyasha Saga. Release of Inuyasha: FC can be expected around August 2005 for the PS2 console. Other consoles haven’t yet been announced. Checkout the real gameplay clip(s) of this game.