Hot Seat Solo/Racer
By: Eric Murray

You want a ride you’ll never forget? Then you need to get into a Hot Seat Solo or the ultimate racing seat, Hot Seat Racer. You might have seen these in a Stuff magazine or maybe on the NASCAR channel, but once you sit in one you won’t want to get out of it. At least that’s how I felt when I got to sit in both the Solo and Racer at this year’s E3 convention. Playing GT4 on the Racer model with the steering wheel on the steering platform and the pedals at my feet, makes it like the real thing, is something I won’t forget for a while. I also played Halo 2 on the Solo, and it was mind boggling the difference in comfort and sound that is right there to give you every explosion or footstep for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Solo and Racer are both made from a durable steel chassis with a comfortable leather like seat. Included in both models you get a 5.1 Dolby surround sound system, choice of 10 colors of steel and 4 colors of seats, and a cup holder conveniently at your side. With just the Racer you also get a spot for a steering wheel or keyboard and mouse/joystick and a spot for your TV/monitor that would sit on a platform connected to the steel chassis about 3 feet away from the seat that’s slammed on the floor for a superb racing experience. What’s nice about each of these models is that they’re totally adjustable. You can adjust how far away from your screen you want to be, what height you want the steering platform (Racer model only), how high you want your monitor/TV, and angle of speakers that are mounted nicely behind and in front of you.

I would definitely recommend getting either Hot Seat model but if you are into racing at all you have to get the Racer, there’s just no reason not to.