Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes Interview
By: Stevie Smith

1) Okay, before we get going, can you tell our readers who you are and what you role has been on the project?

My name is Dee Lee and I’m producer of the Kingdom Under Fire series.

2) What is the related back-story behind the upcoming Kingdom Under Fire game? Is it set before or after the last game?

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes takes players back five years before Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders and reveals the back-stories of the heroes from The Crusaders. Heroes depicts the growing struggle between two factions: Humans and the Dark side. In Heroes, each main character’s story is magnified and each new piece of information about them adds new perspectives to the game. Of course, those not familiar with the series will be able to catch up on the storyline since there will be numerous event scenes in between missions working as story-tellers.

3) What lessons have you learned in the development of the series?

A lot. The Kingdom Under Fire series has undoubtedly paved the way for us to successfully enter the worldwide market. However, the level difficulty and somewhat sophisticated battle system of the titles have made it a niche in the gaming community. Leveraging this valuable experience, we are focusing on different approaches to boost the ‘fun’ factors of the series.

4) For those who haven’t played any of the previous games, how would you describe the gameplay? Is it more action or strategy?

The title is still a combination of both, but we gave more weight on action for Heroes. Each of the seven new characters is geared up with at least 5-6 different combo attacks. One of our goals was to get the player’s adrenaline pumping as the game progresses, then urge them to think wisely when it comes to blending the supernatural power of heroes with the tactical elements.

5) Will gamers who didn’t play the first title be able to hop right in or are they going to be a little lost?

They will be able to jump right in! Simplifying the interfaces and improving the user-experience aspects are some of the key changes fans of the series will notice. Needless to say, these changes will help a newcomer enjoy the game without relying too much on the game manual. The flow of level difficulty in Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is carefully laid out that it’s a ‘you-grow-as-the-game-grows’ experience, and depending on how well you manage and customize your troops, the difficulty will shift accordingly.

6) What are the biggest additions to this game from the first one? What feature are you most proud of?

Other than seven new characters taking a rollercoaster ride across 50 different campaigns? Xbox Live, Xbox Live and Xbox Live! Unlike Crusaders, which supported one-to-one Deathmatch, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes will support as many as six players throughout several types of modes (i.e. Troop Battle Mode, Hero Battle Mode, Invasion Mode ‘Co-op’). Once you are done with the single game component, there are unlimited challenges and adventures waiting for you in Xbox Live.

7) Was there any thought as to porting Heroes to Xbox 360, or was it strictly Xbox all the way?

This depends on the Xbox 360 policy, which I believe is being written as I speak.

8) How many missions will there be in the single player side of the game?

50 story-based missions for single player, but as far as the playable stage is concerned, the number increases up to 80 since there are randomly generated missions here and there in the campaign.

9) What kind of multiplayer will be in the game? Is it strictly a Deathmatch or will there be other modes like co-op?

I guess this is answered above but again, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes will have 3 different game modes as follows:

A) Troop Battle Mode: Supports up to six players in the Troop Strategy Battle game.
B) Hero Battle Mode: Supports up to six players in pure Hack’n’Slash action battle game.
C) Invasion Mode (Co-op): Supports up to three team players through endless challenges of AI enemies.

10) How many different characters are they going to be?

Seven totally new characters in the single campaign mode and the return of four former heroes from the previous Kingdom Under Fire in Xbox Live.

11) Is there an expected release date yet?

Please look out for Microsoft’s announcement for this one. But since the game already went Gold, I expect it will be soon.

Thank you for your time. Look forward for more information on this game.