Hard Truck Apocalypse (PC)
Preview by Kurt Knudsen

There have been a lot of popular post-apocalyptic games of note. Fallout 2 comes to mind, and the theme seems to remain a favorite through the years. Publisher Buka brings to us their latest and greatest game, Hard Truck Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic third-person action adventure RPG. Hard Truck involves what the title says; a truck, and a beefy one at that. Your truck is your lifeline for survival in this wasteland, and with it you can destroy your enemies, upgrade your truck’s weapons and equipment, and trade different items between towns.

The graphics are excellent and have a very wide range to suit the full spectrum of various hardware components. The trucks have a very rugged look to them, and it’s easy to tell that their purpose is to bring death and destruction. The physics in the game are very well done and fun to play with. The truck drives with an arcade feel to it but it seems rather realistic and the combat physics are almost true to life. The map you play on shows that it’s a post-apocalyptic war zone with crumbled buildings everywhere, shoddy living quarters, and lots of dirt roads.

There are different trucks to choose from, and each truck supports different types of weapons and larger amounts of cargo. If you want to succeed in the game you will need to upgrade and buy better trucks. At different towns you can talk to different people and accept various missions, many of which consist of transporting goods from one town to another. Other times you will be ordered to kill a bunch of other truckers in a time limit to get a huge payout. Unlike other trading games, Hard Truck is extremely easy to understand and get used to. You can drive to one town, see what they have to sell, check out other cities on the map and buy, drive, and sell.

Controlling the truck is simple and very comfortable. The reticule turns red when you hover over an enemy unit, with its health displayed alongside. Friendly units will appear green in the reticule and it’s not wise to attack them. Your weapons have unlimited ammo, but have limited ammo in each clip. In battle it is wise to monitor the ammo and reload when needed. The variety of weapons includes guns, machine guns, missiles, mines, and energy weapons. The trucks show off the damage they’ve taken with bullet holes, wobbly wheels, and fire from damaged parts of the truck.

The voices in the game are a bit iffy but they fit the style, and since there aren’t a lot of cut-scenes it doesn’t become a major problem. The myriad of sound effects are excellent and are nice and meaty. The truck has a nice hum to it as it moves along and combat is very intense, especially against a lot of foes.

Hard Truck: Apocalypse is definitely a game to look forward to. It’s not the same old thing over again, though it is slightly reminiscent of Carmageddon. It’s a lot of fun to drive and blow everything up and upgrade your truck to an unbeatable powerhouse. Look out for GamersHell’s full review in the near future.