War World
By: Nuri Gocay

War World is a mech combat game with simple controls and pure fast-paced action. It offers great visuals, plenty of sound effects to go around, and exciting gameplay to keep you coming back for more. War World dropped the plot, the confusing controls and many more things gamers hated about other mech games. The control setup is simple and requires little to no modification. Gamers of all types will enjoy this game and because of its simplicity, many will never put it down.

In War World you can pick between several different types of mechs. You start off with a rather weak one but after a few missions will you find yourself with plenty of cash to upgrade. Your mechs can either equip machine guns or lasers for their primary weapons; the default control scheme has them set to fire with the left mouse button, although this can be changed if the player desires. The machine guns hold much more ammunition than the lasers and fire at a much faster rate. The lasers pack a more powerful punch than the machine guns and require a bit of accuracy if you want to destroy your target. Each upgrade, whether it’s lasers or machine guns, will give you more ammo per case and/or more damage per hit. The battlefield is littered with all sorts of pickups, many you won’t need because you may not have that weapon or upgrade equipped, so you’ll never be far from more ammunition or fuel for your jets.

You can put a machine gun on your left arm and a powerful laser on your right arm, and with a little practice, you can take down any target that crosses your crosshair. Or you could choose to put the same gun on both arms, it’s all up to you. Also available are boost jets, shields, mortars or mine layers, and a missile launcher. The boost jets can either make you jump higher, sprint faster, or strafe faster. The shields are one of the most important items in the game, especially when you’re low on ammo. When they are activated you cannot shoot your main weapons, but can still lay mines or shoot your mortar. The shields regenerate over a period of time and only last a few seconds, but if you’re running for that crate of ammo, those few seconds can save your life. You can select between having a mortar or a mine layer, you cannot have both. Both yield big damage, but there’s some strategy to each one. The missile launcher launches two missiles that home in on their target. All of your ammo is limited but because of the pickups on the field you can almost never run out.

Each mech has a certain amount of armor and if this armor reaches 0 then the mech is destroyed. When you kill an enemy it will drop a health pack which can replenish most or all of your armor. Killing other mechs is the only way to repair the damage dealt to you. The enemies can also pick up these health packs, so watch out. The AI in the game is fairly good; they will never stop pounding you until you blow them to pieces. The AI will collect ammo when needed, use shields a lot, and fire at you or your teammates non-stop.

Enemies can either spawn right on the battlefield or be flown in from a drop ship. Luckily for you, the drop ship can be destroyed and in some cases has to be destroyed for the round to be over. Each new round offers more and more enemies to fight with more and more firepower. There are several different areas to fight in, and after a while it does become a bit boring to see them again, but it’s also nice to know where the ammo crates are and where enemies tend to hide.

With the possibility of online play, War World may become an incredibly fun online game, especially for people who don’t want to spend hours and hours playing catch up to people with more firepower. With quick and responsive controls, War World should prove to be a popular game, especially online. War World is an amazingly addictive title and will definitely offer some great online experiences.