Blade & Sword II
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Blade & Sword II New Skill Performance Trailer (HD)
69.3MB - 103 downloads - 28 September, 2012

There are six Classes in Blade&Sword II, including Swordman, Fairy, Spearman, Hercules, Assassin, Archer, and each Class includes two different Branches. Each Class Branch has its own features and advantages. Besides the main weapon of the Class, the players could switch assistant weapons freely according to different tactics when they facing different opponent. Now there are various assistant weapons including Whip, Umbrella, Chinese Fan, T’ang Blade, Iron Claw etc unveiled in Blade&Sword II. The competitive performance of the fighting system in Blade&Sword II is favored by numerous gamers. The classic fighting elements including Juggling, Knock-down, Pop-up Attack, Quick Rise, Block, Combo, Confrontation etc are introduced to bring the players the breathtaking combat experience authentically yet vividly. Besides the exciting fighting system, Blade&Sword II also is featured in luxury PVE system. Blade&Sword II is the first MMOPG to introduce Jump-on-to-Fight System, the character could jump on a giant Boss to fight it. Furthermore, the particular NPC Challenge System makes the game never lack of playing content. Also as a must, PVE and PVP are combined perfectly in the NPC Challenge System.

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