Carnage Racing
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Carnage Racing Launch Trailer (HD)
73.61MB - 74 downloads - 15 November, 2012

With every race players collect their prizes, winning experience points and game currency which can be traded-in for better vehicles, more powerful weaponry and special features which could propel them to the front of the grid. Carnage Racing offers something for everyone, regardless of whether they prefer a tricked out car with all the latest gadgets and gizmos or whether they’re a speed fiend who just want to leave the competition eating their dust. Game features for Carnage Racing include: · 8 way multiplayer races – Play with friends or against the AI · Time challenge mode – throw down the gauntlet to your friend and see if they can take first place from your grasp! · 13 Unique races all set on a scenic tropical island · 5 cars with a total of 50 upgrades which can be applied · 5 weapons with a total of 47 upgrades

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