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Kartuga Skill Trees Trailer (HD)
105.41MB - 56 downloads - 13 March, 2013

Players pick from three classes at the beginning of the game to determine an overarching play style: Engineer, Protector and Destroyer. From there, complete customization is accomplished through the comprehensive skill tree containing over 80 abilities. It's possible to head in the direction of specific strengths or create an all-arounder with this method, giving the action game an identifying RPG component. View the video here. After climbing to the next level, skill points are awarded to unlock abilities freely within the tree. Each class brings with it a unique skill tree - The Engineer breaks off into three sub-classes with various types of abilities: Tinker, Atlanticus and Buoy Master. Atlantics aids in healing friendly units, Tinker specializes in debuffing enemy skills, and Buoy Master attacks individual enemies, or accelerates allied units.

play Kartuga Skill Trees Trailer (HD) download Kartuga Skill Trees Trailer (HD)
Kartuga gamescom 2012 Gameplay Trailer (HD)
44.29MB - 53 downloads - 16 August, 2012

Kartuga is a browser-based action-roleplaying game set in a 3D world. Choose your ship, sail the seas, fight, loot, plunder - and become the world's greatest pirate. Pre-register for the upcoming closed beta now at www.kartuga.com

play Kartuga gamescom 2012 Gameplay Trailer (HD) download Kartuga gamescom 2012 Gameplay Trailer (HD)