1001 Jigsaw Home Sweet Home Wedding Ceremony
Date 19 Jan 2019
Publisher Big Fish Games
Genre Puzzle/Strategy
1001 Jigsaw Home Sweet Home Wedding Ceremony1001 Jigsaw: Home Sweet Home Wedding Ceremony is an exciting puzzle game and a fantastic opportunity to visit the wedding ceremony of your dreams. Assemble jigsaws from a multitude of pieces and make your wedding ceremony in 500 high-quality photos. Complete wonderfully photographed jigsaw puzzles and feel the festive mood surrounding this timeless celebration!

- 500 high quality unique images
- Useful hints, sort tool and magnifying glass
- Game difficulty controls for all levels

System Requirements:

O/S: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Memory: 512
3D Hardware Not Rquired
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In-Game Images