Invasion 2 Doomed
Date 08 Jun 2016
Publisher Big Fish Games
Genre Puzzle/Strategy
Invasion 2 Doomeds just the beginning of catastrophic changes. While on your way to investigate, your plane is caught in a storm and crash lands! This is where your adventure begins. Here you will find a portal to fascinating unexplored planets to investigate. After you discover the forces behind these exotic worlds, will you be able to return home in time to save Earth using only your knowledge and wit? Find out in Invasion 2: Doomed!

- Mysterious planets with drowned cities and hot deserts
- Unconventional hidden object scenes
- Replayable mini-games

System Requirements:

O/S: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Memory: 1024
3D Hardware Not Rquired
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In-Game Images