Wedding Gone Wrong Solitaire Murder Mystery
Date 27 Jun 2018
Publisher Big Fish Games
Genre Puzzle/Strategy
Wedding Gone Wrong Solitaire Murder MysteryJennifer Graham is found dead at her wedding. It looks like she has been poisoned, but by who, why, and when? The super team headed by Det. Carrie Tucker is on hand to investigate this case. Work with the detectives to uncover clues and interrogate the suspects to reveal what really happened. Play the solitaire card mystery in three different challenging game play modes. Discover clues in hidden object and other mini-games as you solve the crime and nab the culprit.

- Three challenging gameplay types
- Reveal clues and question suspects
- Make chain combos and clear cards to advance

System Requirements:

O/S: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Memory: 512
3D Hardware Not Rquired
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