NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye
Date 18 Jul 2012
Publisher Big Fish Games
Genre Puzzle/Strategy
NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar's EyeMike was a night-security guard at a metropolitan museum. Isabel was cat burglar hunting for ancient treasure. But on the night they met, the only thing she ended up stealing was his heart. Now they are on the trail of an ancient Aztec Codex known as the Jaguar`s Eye, an artifact rumored to have incredible power. Their journey will take them to cities all over the globe, like Moscow and Barcelona, and eventually lead them back to the place where it all began, over 70 years ago.

- Hidden objects and adventure
- Beautiful exotic locations
- Unlock the Aztec Codex
- Get help at our Forums
- Play the mystery that started this all inThe Nightshift Code
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