Date 08 Oct 2011
Publisher MochiADS
Genre Misc./Other
78In "78" you got to make as many hands as you can to post a WIN over your opponent. To get a hand the only thing you got to do is to throw a card higher than what your opponent has played, ACE is highest card. When you deal - the minimum hands you should make are 7 or else you have to make 8. Whatever hands you make over the minimum for example when you are playing minimum 8 and you make 10 hands your score becomes 10 - 8 = 2. When any one scores more than 5 he/she wins. You can choose a trump color, which in that game is higher over other colors.

Cards, Simple, Kids, 7, 8, Seven, Eight, SeventyEight, Seventy, Adictive, card, Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond.
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