Bacteria Tower Defense v1.0
Date 08 Oct 2011
Publisher MochiADS
Genre Misc./Other
Bacteria Tower Defense v1.0An innovative maze-building Tower Defense game which is based on real bacteria, real antibiotics, real infections, and real interactions. Choose your antibiotics wisely to fight off the infections and save your patient. A fun way to relax and without you knowing it, you'll maybe even learn something useful!

tower, defense, maze, building, bacteria, microbiology, antibiotics, pharmacy, medicine, formulary, resistance, infection, game, flash, learn, education, gram stain, coverage, morphology, antibiogram, resource, skill, creep, custom, damage, splash, slow, interest, pharmaceuticals, penicillin, skin, head, lung, heart, stomach, intestine, leg, foot, arm, hand, bladder, first aid, patient monitor.
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