Heist - A Thief's Nightmare
Date 08 Oct 2011
Publisher MochiADS
Genre Misc./Other
Heist - A Thief's NightmareHeist is a point n' click adventure where you play as a thief determined to find & escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house. In this adventure you face many obstacles, while basically looking around for items to complete your mission. There are many ways to get yourself killed, and you will most likely figure this out the hard way. The games toughest obstacles are the random death sequences, these are instances in which the house throws a random death-trap your way, all of these requiring split-second reaction time with a click of a mouse or a stroke of a key. Death-trap react buttons are all arrow keys, space bar, and/or a mouse click. Death-traps aside, Heist also consists of a series of puzzles to keep you thinking in the midst of all the horror. Get ready for an exciting trip to hell :)

Heist, scary, horror, fun, game, zombie, bear, monster, teddy bear, highwitamic, ozmafioso, puzzle.
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