Vampire Fever
Date 08 Oct 2011
Publisher MochiADS
Genre Misc./Other
Vampire FeverYou're Viro, a ninja who stands against evil creatures! Yet you're a complex guy, instead of using conventional weapons, you spread a virus, which only affects demons and undeads. Vampire Fever is a billiard-like physics game, which you control your character "Viro"(instead of the white ball) and try to infect by touching other creatures on the screen. The virus is very contagious among healthy, but it has one weakness: If two sick creature collide, they both heal. As you progress, you encounter with different creatures(like vampires, mummies, ghosts, electrocuting demons, chocolate demons, etc...) and artifacts(barrels, bombs, slicers, trees, portals, etc...) which have different properties/physics behaviours, meaning lots of additional fun. There are three modes included, normal game (with 120 levels), challenge mode(which include 6 levels and different gameplay mechanic) and a level creator.

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