Witchdance | Hexentanz
Date 08 Oct 2011
Publisher MochiADS
Genre Misc./Other
Witchdance | HexentanzHelp 88 ghosts in her tombs on the cemetry. Azanda need ghostenergy for her witch celebration. Every time a ghost wants to return unprepared to its tomb and meet the frozen ground he lose a part of its ghost energy and Azanda win it for her witch ball.

fungame, kidsgames, kids, witch, ghost, graveyard, halloween, mouse, tomb, retro, flash, Hexentanz, juego, Danza, brujas, fantasmas, collect, action, game-design manfred lipowski, arcade, classic, simple, pixel, bitmap, sprite, calabozo, arco plantar, monstruo, aventura, esqueleto, gloria, colectivo, clásico, hexe, spirit, forest, cemetry, gnome, imps, monster, hexen, action, board, leaderboard, ingame, highscore.
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