yappyDoggy tic-tac-toe
Date 07 Oct 2011
Publisher MochiADS
Genre Misc./Other
yappyDoggy tic-tac-toeUnique and refreshing, a new idea of tic-tac-toe gameplay. Get as many points as possible from this cute doggy. You may lose to the doggy if you are not focused enough :) This doggy may make certain mistakes ; the more you figure out and take advantage of those mistakes, the higher the score you can get. Points you can get: (win)+100, (tie)+10, (lose)+1 ........................[ Weekly Contest ]: Challenge your friends to play this game and get listed in the HappyScores leaderboard ........... [ Extra Bonus ]: Each of the top 5 HappyScores players for the week is entitled to claim a personalized version of the game. Each personalized version will have the picture of winner's favourite doggy instead of that of the yappyDoggy. Winners just need to email to us their favourite doggy pictures and we shall do the necessary :) ........... [ To claim your prize ]: email to Ddoggyman at cashmanstudio@gmail.com

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