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3D Buzz, official producer of training for Epic Games's Unreal Tournament 2004, have an announcement that will be of particular interest to all game modders and aspiring game designers wanting to prepare for the next generation of games! Unreal Engine 3.0, Epic's upcoming next-gen development for its Unreal franchise, demands a new level of highly specialized skills from modelers and designers. To address this, 3D Buzz has produced a new class which will teach you all you need to know to produce highly detailed models, each intended to prepare you for future generations of game development!

3D Buzz is proud to announce that pre-registration has officially begun for the Mastering Maya: Advanced Modeling Online Class, the second installment of the Mastering Maya series by 3D Buzz. This is the single most comprehensive modeling video tutorial ever compiled, covering not only every single modeling tool and action available in Maya, but also a wide variety of professional techniques and modeling methods used by today's biggest game and film production houses! You'll progress through a massive series of modeling projects, including a handgun, a set of night vision goggles, a cartoony humanoid character, a realistic human female character, an F-18 jet fighter, and a Lamborghini Murcielago! On top of this, you'll be creating models of your very own using the many skills that you learn throughout the class!

The Mastering Maya: Advanced Modeling Online Class takes place within BuzzNet, 3D Buzz's proprietary learning environment software. BuzzNet
allows you to chat with other students, view lecture videos, monitor personal and class-wide progress, receive and submit assignments, send and receive voice messages, ask audio-based questions regarding the class and its content, and watch video responses from the instructors in which your work is opened and critiqued on-screen! Class participation is optional; you may purchase only the video lecture content if you prefer.

Pre-registration for the Mastering Maya: Advanced Modeling Online Class is now available for only $249.99. After pre-registration is over, the class will go to its regular price of $299.99, so be sure to act fast! Seats are filling quickly! The video curriculum for the class is currently scheduled to be released during the first week of December, with actual class time beginning approximately one month thereafter.

For more information regarding Mastering Maya: Advanced Modeling, please click here: 3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_info_mmam.php
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