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3G Studios logo3G Studios, Inc. is an experienced next-gen development studio, based in South Reno, NV. Founded in 2006 by seasoned professionals from video game, entertainment and software industries, 3G Studios maintains standards of high quality game development paired with maximum efficiency using its proprietary technology and processes. 3Gís published works include collaboration with Electronic Arts to release Rock Band in 2007, SWAT: Target Liberty for the PSP released in 2007, and Stacked with Daniel Negreanu, released in 2006 for the PSP. After successful releases of past projects, 3G Studios is currently focused on next-gen technologies and IP development. One of 3G Studios teams are in development of Jillian Michaelís Fitness Ultimatum 2009 to be released later this year for the Nintendo Wii and another team is in full development of an unannounced AAA project, scheduled to be released sometime next year. For more information, please visit