The Shooter You'Ve Been Missing
Company: 505 Games
505 Games, a global publisher of video games, today announced an exciting new partnership with indie game developer Plastic Piranha to bring their mod-focused shooter Rekoil to Windows® PC and the Xbox Live® online entertainment network as an arcade game for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft later this year.

Plastic Piranha, the development team behind Rekoil, is comprised of industry veterans and modding marvels, and each team member has an unquenchable passion for creating titles that speak directly to the hearts of core gamers.

Already gathering a loyal following amongst hard core gamers, the eSports community and gaming media, Rekoil is a multiplayer FPS set in a world devastated by an unrelenting pandemic with a focus on support for modding, customizable servers, and esports. Rekoil is a shooter the way you want it.

Jason Brice, president and CEO, Plastic Piranha, said “We are truly honoured to be joining the team at 505. With a history of amazing titles such as Sniper Elite V2 and Terraria, an upcoming slate of great games like PAYDAY 2 and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, and a focus on indie teams like Serellan’s TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre and now Plastic Piranha, we are very proud and excited to be a part of the 505 family,” .

”The team here at 505 Games are really proud of the relationships we’ve forged with independent developers such as Starbreeze Studios, Relogic and Serellan over the last couple of years” added Tim Woodley, Senior Vice President of Brand & Marketing for 505 Games “and we’re really excited to add Plastic Piranha to that list with Rekoil; which promises to delivery fast paced, thrill-a-minute competitive shooting with player choice at the heart of the experience”

“For us, joining the 505 stable was a no brainer, the team at 505 truly backed our ideas and vision for Rekoil, and we feel that our team has delivered a hugely entertaining game, but we wanted to join the most indie friendly publisher in the industry today and in our mind, that is 505. I look forward to seeing everyone running and gunning,” said Kevin Dent, Minister of Chaos, Plastic Piranha.

Rekoil is focused entirely on balanced, infantry-based combat across numerous locations without killstreaks and other unfair advantages. From the fast moving Assault class, to the heavily armed and dangerous Heavy Gunner class, a player's skill is always at the forefront.

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About 505 Games
505 Games is a global video game publisher focused on offering a broad selection of titles for players of all ages and levels. The company publishes games on leading console and handheld platforms as well as for mobile devices and social networks. Product highlights include Sniper Elite V2, Terraria, Way of The Dogg, Naughty Bear as well as the upcoming Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, ASHES CRICKET 2013, PAYDAY 2 and TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre.

505 Games has offices in Los Angeles, Milton Keynes, UK, Lyon, Munich, Milan and Madrid and a network of distribution partners within the Nordic territories and Australia. For more information on 505 Games and its products please visit
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