Award Winning Action RPG Sandbox Game Portal Knights Launches a Free Trial on Console Throughout EMEA and the US!
Company: 505 Games
Calabasas, Calif. – April 20, 2017 – 505 Games and Keen Games are happy to announce that PORTAL KNIGHTS fans can experience the award-winning 3D action RPG sandbox game thanks to a FREE TRIAL – now available on PS4 and Xbox One across EMEA and the US.

The Portal Knights trial will allow players to immerse themselves in the game ahead of release, exploring the first island in both single and multiplayer modes, while learning the basics of combat and crafting.

Here’s a detailed list of Portal Knights free trial version features:

· Make your hero: Choose your class between warrior ranger and mage and customize your avatar appearance through a powerful editor. Explore the first island to level up your hero and forge your unique Portal Knight by assigning attribute points and learning unique talents. You can even find a pet companion which will join you in the adventure.

· Learn the Portal Knights basics: Hone your tactical combat skills by facing fearsome blobs during the day and the deadly hollow knights who come out only at night. Harness the deep crafting system and use mined resources to make new equipment and armour. Take the first step towards a homely big castle by renovating your dilapidated farmhouse and growing crops. Explore the island for a dungeon filled with skeletons and treasure, in your hunt for portal shards to open the gate to the next island. Onwards adventurer!

· Live your adventure alone or with your friends: The Trial version will allow you to experience the game both in single and in multiplayer thanks to the offline coop mode for 2 players split screen. Join forces to build structures, explore dungeons, defeat monsters, complete quests, trade items and journey on the first island, Squire’s Knoll.

· Transfer your in-game progresses to the full game: The free trial save data can be transferred to the full game once released, so players can continue their adventure from where they left off!

PORTAL KNIGHTS will now be available on PS4, XBOX One via retail stores and digital download on 19th May in EMEA and 23rd May in the US. PORTAL KNIGHTS will also leave the Early Access phase on STEAM with a full “1.0” version at the same time.

Players who want to pre-order PORTAL KNIGHTS will receive bonus content at certain retailers exclusive to each platform. For more information or to pre-order, please visit
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