A Puzzle Shared Is a Puzzle Halved With Cookie & Cream on Nintendo DS
Company: 505 Games
Milton Keynes, July 4th 2007 - 505 Games today announced the latest addition to its growing catalogue of Nintendo DS titles with developer From Software’s original platform adventure, Cookie & Cream. Another DS exclusive, Cookie & Cream distinguishes itself from other platformers by proving the old adage, that two heads really are better than one.

Continuing with its approach of releasing titles that make original use of the DS’s unique architecture, 505 Games presents this innovative puzzler, which tasks gamers with controlling both main characters at the same time. On the top screen, Cookie is controlled using the traditional directional pad and buttons, while Cream is controlled on the bottom touch screen via the stylus and microphone.

Players guide Cookie through the game, using Cream to help his partner by removing traps, enemies and a host of other obstacles they encounter in their quest to uncover who has stolen the moon. The secret to beating the game is in mastering both characters and knowing when to use each at the best time!

Originally appearing on PlayStation 2 in 2001 in the cult hit Kuri Kuri Mix, colourful heroes Cookie and Cream are now ready to take the DS platform by storm. With additional WiFi connectivity allowing multiplayer battles for up to four players and cooperative two-player gameplay, this is one partnership that will give gamers their just desserts when released this September.

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