Multiplayer Patch Adds New Units to Stronghold 3™
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London, UK –2nd March, 2012 – Firefly Studios are proud to announce the release of a new multiplayer patch for Stronghold 3, which adds all-new units to the game in the form of Siege Towers and Laddermen.

Patch 1.9 is the first update for Stronghold 3 to focus almost entirely on multiplayer. It introduces the much-anticipated Siege Tower and Laddermen units, which can be built from Siege Camps in multiplayer game modes. Siege Towers can be docked against stone walls and loaded with all troop types. Any ranged missile units placed inside the tower will attack enemy troops that are within range, defending the tower as it approaches the castle walls. Laddermen can set scalable ladders against enemy walls, allow individual units to easily reach castle battlements, until the ladder is pushed away or cut down by defending forces.

Online gameplay has been significantly improved with an automatic resync feature similar to the system used in the original Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience for multiplayer matches. Multiplayer has also seen tweaks in the form of score rebalancing and increased starting goods, while the maps themselves have been edited to make it easier for players to design and build their castles.

Smaller changes to the game include an ‘Attack-Move’ command that can be activated by holding down CTRL while right-clicking. This command forces troops to stop en route to their destination and deal with any enemy units that come within range, protecting them from ambush. Players also now have the ability to instantly deactivate all work building with a single click, handy for when you need spare peasants to raise an army quickly. Hotfixes have been included for the UI, Free-Look mode and industry activation buttons.

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