Music on: Drums Exclusive for Nintendo DSiWare
Company: Abylight
December 23rd 2010 - BARCELONA

Abylight is proud to announce the worldwide release of “Music on: Drums”, latest title of its successful & exclusive musical series for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service.

“Drums” will be available for the European, Australian and New Zealanders users on Friday, December 24th and for the Americas on Monday, January 3rd 2011; priced at only 500 Nintendo DSi Points™.

Abylight has an open communication channel with fans and users through the Facebook group ( where news are also posted in exclusive. Keep tuned for news and feeds on Abylight's Twitter (

Quick reference sheet

Title Music on: Drums
Genre Musical Application
Publisher & Developer Abylight
Service Nintendo DSiWare
Price 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Release (the Americas)

January 3rd 2011
Release (EUR+AUS+NZ) December 24th 2010


“E” Everyone
Promotional trailer

Music on: Drums

The definitive beatbox for creating songs and rhythms!

With a library of 160 sounds, use your creative skills to assign them to each of the 8 tracks available per pattern, activate or deactivate each of the 16 steps that make up a track using the buttons or the stylus, and combine the 8 patterns to compose up to 64 songs.

If you want to produce a more complex tune, you can customize each step and set the volume, change the frequency and assign a panning.

Like a professional DJ, create and play in real time!

Once you have laid down your patterns, you can use them to create much more complicated rhythms in the Song mode, where you can add them to a sequence of up to 32 parts and change their length, activate/deactivate tracks, add repeats, etc.

"Music on: Drums" includes a pre-recorded Song.

“Music on” series

“Music On” series for Nintendo DSiWare is an exclusive software collection including musical applications and games for all ages.
All the titles released the year 2010 are:

“Music on: Electronic Keyboard” (simulator)
“Music on: Retro Keyboard ” (simulator)
“Music on: Learning Piano” (game)
“Music on: Playing Piano” (game)
“Music on: Acoustic Guitar” (simulator)
“Music on: Electric Guitar” (simulator)
“Music on: Drums” (simulator)

About Abylight

Abylight is a specialized developer for Nintendo platforms, founded in 2004 by four professionals of the video game industry.

Since 2009, Abylight started its path also as an on-line video game publisher, setting up a branch in Japan. As a result, Abylight has closed several deals with Japanese developers and publishers.

Abylight’s most recent interactive entertainment releases, aside from the “Music on” series for Nintendo DSiWare, are “Dairojo! Samurai Defenders” and “Cosmo Fighters” for Nintendo DSiWare; "Fish'em All!", “NEVES Plus: Pantheon of Tangrams” and “Stop Stress: a day of fury” for WiiWare™.

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