Acclaim Games Announces BOTS!! Major Milestone With 1 Million Registered Players
Company: Acclaim
Los Angeles (April 30th, 2007) - Acclaim Games announces a major milestone for the multiplayer online robot fighting game BOTS!! with over 1 million registered players. Officially released in November 2006, BOTS!! has a growing fan base of young gamers who are addicted to the intense fighting action and social interaction with others. Over 1 million players have already had the chance to play the game for free by simply registering and downloading the game to their PC.

With a loyal community of BOTS!! players that continues to grow as new players experience the exciting gameplay with thousands simultaneously, Acclaim has proven their free to play model with this fun and addicting game. Due to its social nature and the relatively simple yet challenging gameplay, BOTS!! is able to attract many young players who find this type of multiplayer online game more fun and exciting than a typical single-player game.

"One million players says it all, our fans want multiplayer social games using the free to play model", said Howard Marks, CEO Acclaim Games Inc.

Acclaim will hold a BOTS 1 Million Players Event from May 2-7 where players can play to win prizes and earn major points. Players who purchase Acclaim Coins will also receive double the amount of bonus coins (coins you get for free when you buy Acclaim Coins) for a limited time only. Several popular Coin items will also be on sale in the in-game item shop. And finally, there will be a special new boss called Dark Axe that gives a higher drop rate for better items. These will make for a truly fun and exciting event to commemorate the milestone achievement.

BOTS!! is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) allows players to battle with up to seven other players as they fight evil viruses invading Cyberspace, clash with each other in teams, or fight rivals to protect their home base. The transforming robots can be customized with various parts and upgrades including wings, heads, guns, and trans packs which allow your robot to transform into a powerful fighting machine.

Instead of paying for the game and a monthly subscription fee, all of Acclaim’s games are totally free to download and play. All of Acclaim’s games are supported by in-game advertising and an item mall featuring optional items to enhance the game experience. This innovative business model makes it easy for anyone to enjoy high quality online games with their friends for free.

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About Acclaim Games
Based in Beverly Hills, California, Acclaim Games is a revolutionary company with over 2 million registered players worldwide. CEO Howard Marks, a cofounder of Activision, has established Acclaim as one of America’s top online game brands. Today, Acclaim Games offers only the finest online games with a focus on accessibility, playability and most importantly fun. Acclaim’s free massively multiplayer games include BOTS!! (futuristic robot fighting action game), 9Dragons (Martial Arts MMORPG), 2Moons (Extreme Action MMORPG), DANCE! Online (hit music dancing game), and Top Secret (a fan developed online game). To learn more, please visit
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