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Los Angeles (November 21, 2007) — Acclaim Games announces the launch of the highly anticipated 2Moons “Dead Front” team PvP event. Up to four rival parties can compete in an assault on the impregnable Pokas Fortress, fighting their way through hordes of monsters and sub-bosses. After defeating the boss demon Ophiuchus, each remaining team fights in a free-for-all PvP massacre to become the Supreme Warriors!

2Moons is a free to play extreme action Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for PC directed by David Perry, a 24-year veteran of the video game development industry.

“Wading your way through thousands of monsters, relying on your friends to keep you alive. Together, facing an incredibly dangerous demon which will wipe out many that stood shoulder to shoulder with you, only to leave the survivors fighting a gladiatorial battle until only the last team stands…  Now that’s a real challenge, and if you are that team, you will be one of just a handful that will be able to say they’ve conquered Dead Front,” says Perry.

First, each party must fight and defeat monsters to capture three supply depot locations. Then they must kill the sub-boss Ras Alhague guarding the front gate of the demon fortress. Once inside the Central Gate area, they must decipher the four Ancient Codes and gain entrance to the First Chamber of the Serpent Boss, Ophiuchus. Opening the secret wall to the boss room will then unleash a horde of Pitborn monsters. Finally, they will reach Ophiuchus, who awaits the survivors down the path. It will require the combined efforts of all players to destroy the mighty boss Ophiuchus!

The final phase of the Dead Front event is a massive PvP free-for-all battle. All survivors of the boss battle will be teleported into the PvP arena, and the last team standing will be crowned Supreme Warriors!

Players must be level 21 or above to participate in Dead Front. The recurring team-based event runs daily at the following times on each server:

Trieste Server: 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am PST
Abaddon Server: 4pm, 8pm, 12am, 4am PST

Players can also use Acclaim Coins to purchase optional game items designed to enhance gameplay. Items in the 2Moons Shop include potions, customizable clothing, boosters, rideable mounts, and other special game enhancements.

There will be various in-game events, community contests, and prize giveaways for the 2Moons community giving players many opportunities to win special prizes such as gaming hardware, in-game items, and Acclaim Coins packages that can be used in any Acclaim game.

2Moons is the fourth release from the new Acclaim, a resurrected company focused on providing quality multiplayer online games for free. The games will be supported with a mix of advertising and virtual item stores.

2Moons is targeted to hardcore gamers age 17 and older due to mature content including extreme violence and strong language. Register now and download the game to play for free by visiting www.2moonsgame.com .

About Acclaim Games
Based in Beverly Hills California, Acclaim Games is a revolutionary new company with a familiar name. In 2005 the cofounder of Activision, Howard Marks, purchased the company confident that the Acclaim name would surpass its former glory as one of America’s marquee brands. Today, Acclaim Games offers only the finest multiplayer online games for free with a focus on community, playability and most importantly fun. To learn more please visit www.acclaim.com.

About David Perry
David Perry is the CEO of GAMECONSULTANTS.COM and prior to that was the founder of Shiny Entertainment, Inc. For more information, please visit: www.dperry.com. David Perry’s latest Matrix Movie related game projects are estimated to have grossed over $300 million, and he has had numerous #1 hits and awards over his career with titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney’s Aladdin, Earthworm Jim, and many more.

About Rusel DeMaria
Rusel DeMaria is a 26-year veteran of the game industry, a well-known writer and currently the Assistant Director for 2Moons, working under David Perry.
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