Acclaim Games Launches 9Dragons Euro Server
Company: Acclaim
Los Angeles, CA (June 3, 2008) – Acclaim Games officially launches the new European server called Bardo Euro for 9Dragons, a FREE TO PLAY martial arts Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for PC. With the new physical servers in place, Acclaim will offer European players an improved game experience, with better connections, less lag and greater reliability.

The staff at Acclaim Games has been working on this for some time in response to the requests of its European players and is finally able to offer this enhancement to the 9Dragons experience. With the official launch of the Bardo server, 9Dragons is now poised to be the #1 martial arts MMO in Europe.

“The 9Dragons European server is great news for our European players who can now get the best possible game service quality and lower latency,” said Howard Marks, Acclaim CEO.

To commemorate this great occasion, Acclaim will be running several special events between June 3 and June 9, including several days of bonus Exp events, special Monster Spawn events and scheduled PvP battles with the game masters. In addition, magnificent in-game fireworks displays will mark the occasion, lighting up the sky at random times. A 3-day 30% item discount will also kick off the first weekend with huge savings on popular in-game items designed to enhance gameplay, such as elixirs, healing herbs, and premium packages.

In 9Dragons, you can rise from a beggar on the streets to a master of Kung Fu as you train with some of the greatest masters of ancient China. Players have the option of joining one of 6 starter clans: Shaolin, Wu-Tang Clan and The League of Beggars are loyal to The Imperial Emperor of China, while The Brotherhood of Thieves, Heavenly Demon, and Sacred Flower Clan (for women only) are opposed to his rule. Players are taught their clan’s unique kung fu style, mastering various techniques as they progress throughout the game, and ultimately fight for the honor and destiny of their chosen clan.

And like all of Acclaim’s other games, 9Dragons is completely free to download and play. New players can sign up and play now at

Welcome Europe. The Far East has come to you!


About Acclaim Games
Based in Beverly Hills California, Acclaim Games is a revolutionary new company with a familiar name. In 2005 the cofounder of Activision, Howard Marks, purchased the company confident that the Acclaim name would surpass its former glory as one of America’s marquee brands. Today, Acclaim Games offers only the finest multiplayer online games for free with a focus on community, playability and most importantly fun. To learn more please visit
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