Acclaim Games Enters Exclusive Partnership with Peanut Labs Media to Monetize Virtual Game Currency
Company: Acclaim
SAN FRANCISCO – May 11, 2009 – Peanut Labs Media, the leader in market research survey based monetization for social media and online games, today announced an exclusive partnership with Acclaim Games, the developer of popular massively multiplayer online games, to monetize the virtual currencies across their product line.

Brought back by gaming comeback king Howard Marks in 2006, Acclaim Games expands the audience for MMO games with MMORPG games like The Chronicles of Spellborn and music based game RockFREE. With the Peanut Labs Media monetization engine, players can participate in market research surveys to earn virtual currency. The surveys take 5-10 minutes to complete, are completely anonymous, and provide a fun way for players to support their favorite games.

“Choosing Peanut Labs Media over the basic offer companies was easy,” said Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim Games. “Free surveys are perfect for our teenage players that might not have credit cards, and the user experience is better for players of all ages hands down.”

Monetizing virtual currency is the business model for new social media startups, and a new source of revenue for many established players. Instead of putting obstacles in front of users with mandatory subscriptions or advertising splash screens, the Peanut Labs Media monetization engine acts as an extension of the social media or game experience. Completing a Peanut Labs Media survey or advertising offer rewards the user with virtual currency that can be spent on in-game goods like power-ups or premium site features. The result: revenue superior to traditional display advertising and higher overall engagement.

“Since a network’s virtual economy is an integral part of the user experience, it really matters who you work with,” said Murtaza Hussain, President of Peanut Labs. “Acclaim’s emphasis on putting their players first is a big part of how this partnership will lead the industry in sustainable monetization. We grew up with the Acclaim brand, so it’s exciting to be joining them on the cutting edge of online games.”

About Peanut Labs Media
Pioneers in online virtual currency monetization, the founders of Peanut Labs Media built their monetization platform while searching for a way to make their own social networking site profitable. The experience paid off and in the last three years they’ve helped over 120 partners reach a network average eCPM in the hundreds of dollars, and MMO game companies like Acclaim easily reach eCPMs over $600. Visit for more information.

About Acclaim Games
Acclaim is a revolutionary company with a familiar name. Three years and 8 million registered users ago, former Activision Studios Chairman, Howard Marks has built Acclaim into a free to play powerhouse. Superstar game director David Perry, Acclaim’s Chief Creative Officer, heads the game development efforts. Acclaim strives to offer its users a fun, community-oriented experience with a selection of titles ranging from casual browser games to hardcore MMOs. To learn more, visit