Acclaim Games announces the Start of Open Beta for Rush Fighters
Company: Acclaim
Los Angeles, CA (August 5, 2009) – Acclaim Games is pleased to announce the start of Open Beta testing for Rush Fighters, a free to play cartoonish action fighting game where players battle against other fighters in intense online PvP combat.

Players will now have the opportunity to experience Rush Fighters after the successful internal closed beta testing. To join Open Beta for Rush Fighters, players can activate their Acclaim accounts on the activation page located at:

As with all Acclaim games, Rush Fighters will be free to play and supported by micro-transactions. All characters are fully customizable through the over 100,000 item combinations and players can even create their own custom skins.

This unique fighting game allows the players to take on up to 7 other friends in head to head combat or NPC’s in multiple maps. Combat is deep and flexible, as you may take on enemies in martial arts style, weapon-based combat, or with special magic powers. Players are able to engage in multiple game modes from free-for-all battles to casual, sports themed levels.

During the open beta testing period, all testers will be thanked for their help with a gift of a few special items after logging in. By receiving all the feedback possible from the players, the developers will be able to create a game that everybody will enjoy.

Download the game client:

About Acclaim Games
Acclaim is a revolutionary company with a familiar name. Three years and 8 million registered users ago, former Activision CEO Howard Marks purchased the Acclaim name looking to revive one of the video game industry’s former giants. With the help of renowned game director David Perry, Marks succeeded. Today, Acclaim offers some of the finest in multiplayer online gaming while using a new, free to play business model. Acclaim strives to offer its users a fun, community-oriented experience with a selection of titles ranging from casual browser games to hardcore MMOs. To learn more, visit
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