Kingdom Heroes Launches Commercially with Premium Item Mall; Opens Additional European Servers
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - June 11, 2010 - Loosen those purse strings, and ready the soldiers. Kingdom Heroes, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) game from Aeria Games launched its in-game premium item mall, opening up hundreds of items to enhance a gamer's experience. With the purchase of Aeria Points, a virtual currency that's useable in every game on the Aeria Games online portal, players can now further their journey to becoming the most powerful warlord in all of Ancient China. In addition, Kingdom Heroes launched a new European server, so players in Europe can participate in the epic player versus player (PvP) battles known as kingdom war without staying up until all hours to find worthy adversaries.

At the virtual Kingdom Heroes premium item mall, players will be able to purchase some of the following:
Items that boost experience gain, allowing players to climb levels faster
Premium equipment for their characters as well as their NPC soldiers
High-end ammunition for siege weapons

"In Kingdom Heroes, we want players to be able to turn the tide of battle using armies, siege weapons and their character talents - the premium items won't break the game, they just help turn the tide of battle a little faster," said Keith Kawahata, producer at Aeria Games. "We also listened to the needs of our European players during beta testing and have created a dedicated server for them - we wanted the EU to participate in kingdom war and other server events at their convenience."

Kingdom Heroes, set in the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China, allows players to choose to serve and fight for the kingdom of their choice. Players can employ devastating siege weaponry, command colossal warships, and lead customizable armies to conquer enemy strongholds. Not only does conquering these locations bring honor to the player's faction, controlling a city yields tax revenue and other bonuses for the player and his or her guild, adding a strategically dynamic system to Kingdom Heroes' game play.

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