Performing Poorly? Just Play Magic Lines and You Are Fresh Again!
Agentix Software is excited to announce today the unveiling of Magic Lines. This is the latest version of a cute puzzle game for people of all ages who are craving for a refreshing gameplay to tease their brains and restore the flow of their thoughts after a hard day. So, whether you feel bored, stressed or simply have some time to spare and don’t know what to do, Magic Lines will be your joy therapy that will add color to your day and fill it with
delight and happiness.

In Magic Lines your playfield is a checked game board with several multicolored balls on it. Your objective is simple – clear the board from balls because. If the board gets filled up, then you lose. A bit of logic thinking will do you a lot of good. Move the balls to make up a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, consisting of at least five balls. Once you’ve got the line, all the balls in it explode and clear the board space. The intrigue of this puzzle
is that each move you make, there appear three new balls that cram the board. With the hint option on, the game will show you the color and place where the new balls are to appear. And remember – the more balls burst at one move, the more space and points you get.

Although the gameplay looks like a no-brainer at first, you will soon discover that it’s extremely addictive and fun to play. And this feeling will intensify thanks to the sleek, eye-pleasing graphics and a lively lightning effect that gives the balls a brilliant 3D look, thus adding elegance to the whole game. For a more enjoyable play experience, the developers have loaded the game with a tiny midi-player. So, as you play the puzzle, it can also entertain you with your favorite music pieces. You can play this game by yourself or invite your friend to have a small contest on your computer and then see who scored the most points.

Availability and Pricing
Magic Lines runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades and lifetime technical support. An evaluation version can be downloaded for free at

About Agentix Software
Agentix Software is game development company that was founded in 1999 by a team of game enthusiasts. The company specializes in puzzles and other types of games designed for a wide range of audience from children to parents. Our catalogue shines with such top sellers as Magic Lines, Magic Balls, Magic Beads, Magic Tetcolor, Logic Trainer, Combat Engineer and Magic Games Collection. For more information, visit our website at
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