AhnLab Announces HackShield - The Most Progressive MMOG Anti-Hacking Software
Company: AhnLab, Inc
SAN FRANCISCO, CA and SEOUL, KOREA – November 15, 2005 – AhnLab, Inc., the leading security solution provider, today introduced its powerful HackShield technology to U.S. developers and publishers of massively multiplayer server-based computer games. The competition for monthly fees from online gamers is fierce and gamers will not spend a penny in an insecure virtual world, no matter how good the game is. MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) publishers risk their entire investment from a single lapse in security.

“As gamers’ spending time in this space has gone up, hackers have become more aggressive,” said Charles Kim, CEO of AhnLab. “The problem is that developers don’t know whether or not their in-house approach to long-term online security will be effective. That's where HackShield comes in - it is the airtight alternative to throwing crucial development resources at the hacker problem.”

HackShield is an extremely cost effective and easy-to-implement online security program with immediate signature and module updates that allow developers to create more secure online worlds. Similar to middleware in terms of outsourcing development, HackShield is the first anti-hacking tool designed specifically for online game contents, giving the developer the ability to do what they do best: develop games, not fight with hackers.

HackShield prevents a significant number of common hacking attacks, including:
· Detects and blocks of hacking tools
· Protects from memory hacking
· Network packet encryption
· Data file and execution file encryption
· Blocks SpeedHack programs that tamper with the system time
· Prevents runtime modifications· advanced anti-debugging technique
· Blocks message hooking
· Blocks auto-mouse operations
· Server-side solution for anti-hacking
· Prevents counterfeiting and modification of program files

AhnLab created and tested HackShield’s technology in Korea, where the MMOG marketplace is nearly five years ahead of the US online gaming market in terms of sheer numbers of gamers. It is a global solution - if a developer/publisher is looking to extend the reach of its MMOG internationally, especially to the vast Asian market, HackShield is the best software that secures vulnerabilities inherent in these online communities.

For more information about HackShield, please visit (www.hackshields.com) or contact hackshield.sales@ahnlab.com. Red Jump, Inc. is the sales partner for AhnLab's HackShield in North America and Europe.

About AhnLab
AhnLab, Inc. (KOSDAQ: #053800) is an industry-leading security solutions and services provider, headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Innovating the information security world since 1988, AhnLab's products and services have always been designed to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers alike. En route to becoming the largest security provider in Korea, AhnLab established its V3 product family as the industry-standard for information protection retaining nearly two-thirds of the Korean Anti-virus software market. Additional solutions such as mobile device protection, online-driven consumer security, and enterprise consulting services have enabled AhnLab to grow at an incredible pace. Branching out into Eastern Asia, AhnLab maintains a commanding presence in Japan and China. Today, AhnLab reaches far beyond its Korean headquarters, with operations in more than 10 countries. From AhnLab's inception in Korea to its current state as a global information security provider, AhnLab's focus is unchanged; provide products and services of unparalleled quality, to accommodate a wide variety of needs in a dynamic environment. More news and information is available at http://www.ahnlab.com.
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