Stress Test Has Begun for Starshift
Company: Akaei
MONTREAL, Canada - December 8, 2004 - CODECO announced that it has reached Stress Test for its latest project, StarShift - The Zaran Legacy , an online turn-based strategy game in which players take the role of an Emperor finding himself at the center of a galactic conflict. The conflict involves nine (9) races fighting to take over the galaxy using technology, diplomacy, espionage and, of course, battle.

A few dozen players will be contacted in the next 24 hours to begin the Stress Test. Between 30 to 50 people should participate in the first phase of this test, and even more during the second phase.

The StarShift Stress Test Beta goal is to tax the game's server infrastructure, allowing CODECO to evaluate the server performance under heavy loads. Stress-Test participants will be able to play on the same Server that is currently being tested by StarShift's Beta Testers and even join games to play with (or against) CODECO Staff Members!

The first phase of the Stress Test has begun officially on Tuesday, December 7, at 7:00PM (GMT-4:00) and will last for a few weeks. The second phase will start in January 2005.

About the game:
StarShift is taking the strategy game genre beyond what people are used to by focusing more than any other game on diplomacy and espionage. As a matter of fact, almost everything is allowed in the game, from corrupting your enemies to being treacherous with your allies, in order to assimilate their technology and territory! StarShift is the kind of game that seems simple at first glance, but offers a whole universe of possibilities to explore. Strategy fans will be pleased with its captivating atmosphere and its ease of use, which will provide them an incredibly dynamic experience.

Players will have at their disposal 30 different Technologies, 25 Special Ops, 5 Diplomatic Treaties, a complete Voting System (allowing players to alter the game rules!) and many types of units, buildings and sectors. They will also be able to trade money, Spy Points, Technologies, military units and sectors with other players.

Screenshots and other information are available on the official StarShift website

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