Akella to Publish Cold Fear in Russia.
Company: Akaei
Akella announces the agreement with Ubisoft on publishing full localized version of Cold Fear by Darkworks in Russia and CIS.

Cold FearTM is the first action-horror title from Ubisoft. You play as Tom Hansen, a Coast Guard veteran who boards the abandoned Russian ship "Dukh Vostoka" caught in raging Arctic storm. During the years of his duty Tom's got used to seeing death. But what lies beneath the ghost ship's deck can change Hansen's attitude to what happens afterlife. Because on a hellbound ship everyone is dead weight. Dangerous traps, hundreds of ferocious mutants – and deadly arms and cunning wits to confront them. Experience the tense action-horror soaked with suspense, blood and primal fear.

The release of Cold FearTM is scheduled to ship in March 2005. The date of the Russian localization release will be announced later.

© 2004 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Cold Fear, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries. Developed by Darkworks.

About Akella: (http://www.akella.com)
Headquartered in Moscow, Akella is one of the leading companies on Russian gaming market. Founded in 1995, Akella specializes in developing, publishing and distributing of computer games and multimedia products, having more than 20 projects developed and more than 200 published. Main Akella's in-house titles are Sea Dogs, Age of Sail 2, Privateer's Bounty: Age of Sail 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of them were critically acclaimed both in Russia and outside it. Moreover, Pirates of the Caribbean was first Russian product based on Hollywood blockbuster movie.
Much attention is paid to fast-growing console games market. Akella is the first Russian company that started deloping projects for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
Since 1997, Akella localizes and publishes products of its foreign partners on Russian market. Among others, company has localized such bestsellers as XIII and both Prince of Persia titles from Ubisoft, Akella actively collaborates with independent developers, distributing their games on ex-USSR territory and worldwide.

About Ubisoft:
Ubisoft is an international producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products. A leading company in the multimedia industry, Ubisoft has grown considerably, especially through its strong and diversified lineup In addition to steadfastly continuing to partner with several high-profile companies, Ubisoft has also confirmed its presence on the global market by developing its own exceptional properties. Founded in 1986 in France, Ubisoft is now present on every continent, both through offices in 21 different countries including the United States, Morocco, Germany and China and through sales of products in over 50 countries. The group is dedicated to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge videogame titles to consumers around the world. Ubisoft generated a turnover of € 508 million for the 2003–2004 fiscal year, up 22.5% at a constant exchange rate over the previous fiscal year. To learn more, visit www.ubi.com.

About Darkworks:
Founded in 1998, Darkworks develops video games on consoles with an emphasis on deep scenarios and great art. Darkworks gained worldwide recognition in 2001 when it completed the 4th episode in the Alone in the Dark series on PlayStation and Dreamcast. With its two characters-parallel adventures, great graphics and innovative gameplay, the game hit the million copies mark and was critically acclaimed worldwide.
Based in Paris, the 60-people team led by an experienced group of talents is now working on Project Cold Fear, originally designed to be a technical and artistic achievement as well as a complete renewal of the Horror genre.
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