Akella Unveils Its Line-Up for the upcoming E3 Expo in Los angeles
Company: Akaei
Akella, developer and publisher of multiplatform (PC, Xbox, PS2) video games, announces today its attendance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in Los Angeles, California May 18-20, 2002. (Kentia Hall, Booth # 6459)

"E3 Expo is the highlight of the global games industry calendar, no doubt. It's exactly the best moment for Akella to present over 10 titles in various genres", said Dmitry Arkhipov, VP of development of Akella. "Last years have been extremely successful for us. E3 is a good possibility to show our results and reveal the nearest plans. We hope to meet with principle industry players and worldwide gaming media as well as exhibit our top games to an international audience. We'll do our best in order to become one more beautiful and attractive part of this mega show - E3 Expo".

Among the titles being shown are:

PT-boats: Knights Of The Sea
PC - releasing Q1 2006
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C
Realistic Naval simulator of WWII battles with incredible 3d water technology.

Swashbucklers: Blue & Grey
PS2/PC - releasing Q4 2005
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C
Naval Action/RPG game set in time of the American Civil War - the period of last pirate renaissance on the Caribbean.

Rage Rider
PS2/PC - release date tba
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C
High speed and aggressive Action/RPG game, set in futuristic deserted 'Mad Max/Road Warrior'-style environment of Nevada. If you are hard nuck to crack - experience your extreme bents!
Official site: tba

Age of Pirates
PC - releasing Q3 2005
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C
RPG/pirat-simulator devoted to pirate adventures at Caribbean Seas of 17th century. The game continues the series of Akella's naval adventuring games: "Sea Dogs" (2000), and "Pirates of Caribbean" (2003).

Captain Blood
Xbox/PC - releasing Q1 2006
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C
Romantic and heroic action game with RPG elements, based on Captain Blood novels series by Rafael Sabatini. Just forget all prejudices. Live, fight and rule your freedom!
Official site: tba

Heavy Duty
PC - releasing Q4 2005
Developer: Primal Software
The extra-popular "save-the-world" genre, the gameplay is based on control of giant robots in the fighting and shooting action. It's a battle for your Motherland.
Official site: tba

Enosta: Discovery Beyond
PC - releasing Q4 2005
Developer: Kvazar Studio/Akella
An RPG game in incredibly beautiful space environments that are under the threat of Darkness. Fortune hunters it's your time to stand up for your Universe!
Official site: tba

Raiders of the Lost Casino
PC - releasing Q3 2005
Developer: Centauri Ent./ Cinemax
A humorous action/adventure game about mysterious and adventuring journey of the young luckless hero.
Official site: tba

PC - releasing Q3 2006
Developer: Game Forge interactive /Akella
Tactical game with RPG elements devoted to the counter-espionage activity during the WWII. Secrets finally revealed.
Official site: tba

Hard to Be God (working title)
PC - releasing Q4 2006
Developer: Burut CT/Akella
The interference of medieval and the alternative future epochs in the role playing gameworld. It's hard, it's really hard to be God and to carry our His Human mission in the inhuman Universe.
Storyline by Strugatsky brothers.

Dead Mountaineer Hotel (working title)
PC - releasing Q1 2006
Developer: Electronic Paradise/Akella
The adventure game, based on the original story written by Strugatsky Brothers. The attractive and intricate investigation in the seventies results in unexpected misterious final...

E3 Expo is a great avenue for Akella to interact with the worldwide Video Game Industry. Welcome to our booth # 6459 in Kentia Hall!
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