Numen: Contest of Heroes reveals more monstrosities
Company: Akella
We continue to update you on more additions to a wide range of monsters and other beasties Numen: Contest of the Heroes is completely fraught with. Various tribe people (I really doubt you’ll be able to sleep well once there are some around your camp or hotel), brigands (named Brigand Explorers – just imagine what they can explore while plundering the locations), and huge stone monsters that can get together in a big boulder to hit you and fall to pieces once you want to counter them. Awful creatures. Please visit the game gallery to view more of these appalling beasties.

About Numen: Contest of Heroes

Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Publisher in Russia & CIS: Akella
Developer: Cinemax
Release date: Q3 2008

The gods resting high upon Mount Olympus are beset on all sides by the jealousy of their contemporaries. The conflict has raged for eternity, the egos of each immortal grating against the others, until now there has to be resolution. The gods have each taken it upon themselves to shelter a mortal under their protective wing and guide them to glory. With the strongest of these heroes will come the strongest immortal who will then be crowned the most powerful above all.

You must align yourself to a patron-deity, but choose wisely for each is different and each offers challenges and rewards you will not find anywhere else. These divine tutors can bestow upon you gifts of new talents and abilities, but only if you learn to pay homage and offer them your devotion and respect.
The beautiful world in which your character inhabits is a fantastical world based upon the tenets of the great Greek myths. It's an ancient Greece full of mythical creatures, legendary warriors and blood-thirsty, ambitious Gods. Villages and settlements spread out over vast seashores and stony plains, populated by both the peaceful and the hostile. Either of whom might just need a hero's powers...

Key Features:
A deep, visually-engaging world, populated my fabulous beasts, terrible monsters and brave heroes.
An absorbing storyline, following your hero from their youthful beginnings to becoming a legendary hero, fighting for their patron-deity.
Join up with other heroes to complete vital quests.
Variety of weapons and combo moves to use and master.
Compete against other heroes to become the one true champion.