Alawar Releases Sea Wolves
Dale City, Va. - Jan. 25, 2005 - Alawar Entertainment (, a leading publisher of downloadable games for the PC, has released Sea Wolves, a 3D action game in which you explore the ocean in search of enemies, treasure and uncharted territory. Featuring simple controls, intense combat and the latest visual effects, Sea Wolves is designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Sea Wolves allows you to tailor the action to your liking. You begin by selecting a captain and a ship, each of which has unique abilities. From Victoria
Rush, whose boat can slice through rough waters and take out enemies with ease, to Ironman, a master strategist whose vessel is outfitted with resilient armor, the characters provide a variety of starting points. As you gain experience in combat, you can assign points to increasing your ship's armor, firepower and speed, preparing yourself for the tougher battles that lie ahead.

Intuitive ship navigation and weapon controls allow you to concentrate on sinking enemy boats rather than steering a cumbersome vessel. Using your keyboard or mouse, you can easily circle foes from a distance while lobbing shells from your cannons. You can also zoom in for a quick strike and then quickly back peddle to avoid an airborne attack. Each ship is equipped with boat-to-air missiles for taking out enemy airplanes.

Sea Wolves includes 22 levels with clear-cut objectives, examples of which include unlocking the gates to the next mission and destroying a hostile
fortress in order to reclaim stolen maps. An on-screen navigation chart shows the location of your next goal, while a radar indicates the position of
nearby enemies. In addition, the sea is brimming with health, treasure and ports of call, where you can save your progress.

Sea Wolves uses a 3D engine featuring the latest visual effects. For starters, each player vessel contains animated parts, bringing to life the age when
wind-powered ships gave way to the first workable steam engines. The waters surrounding your boat have been designed with an eye for detail, too; sunlight dances on the surface of the ocean and shines through to the rocky bottom below, twilight gives the game world an amber hue, and smoke trails trace the path of each shell and missile as it arcs through the air. Realistic physics play a part in ship navigation as well, as your boat will pitch and sway according to its movement across the deep and buck with each blast of your cannons.

Visit to view screenshots, download a free trial and purchase the full version of Sea Wolves.

About Alawar Entertainment
Alawar Entertainment has been publishing and distributing PC games on the Internet since 1998. The company also runs a network of online game stores and supplementary businesses ranging from a game banner network to a newsletter service. Additionally, Alawar is working closely with leading gaming portals such as Real One Arcade, Shockwave, Big Fish Games and others. The company's developer partners include Dream Dale, Alias Worlds, Oxxo Media, Media Research Group, I-Nova Games Team and more.
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