Alawar Casts a Spell on Word Gamers
Dale City, Va. - March 25, 2005 - Learning to spell can now help you conquer fierce dragons and attract beautiful mermaids. Alawar Entertainment, a leading publisher of casual games for the PC, has released Fairy Words, a game of heroic adventure in which you're rewarded not for brandishing the sharpest sword, but for being an excellent wordsmith.

You begin by finding as many words as possible in the name of a mythical creature. (Centaur yields c-e-n-t; mermaid bears m-a-i-d.) You can also place new letters into empty squares on the playing board and chain together additional words. When you spell a word correctly, a magic potion pours into a vial; to beat the level, you must fill the container with the liquid. Bonus points are awarded based on the number of empty cells remaining on the board. The farther you progress, the tougher it becomes to win, as the potion evaporates if you take too long.

From time to time, bonuses appear that boost your score when included in a word. From gems to coins, these items all but guarantee you bragging rights on Fairy Word's high score table.

Developer ZagZag, creators of PacMania Gold and other first-rate titles from Alawar, wrapped Fairy Words in stunning artwork featuring creatures of legend. Brave centaurs, fair-skinned mermaids and more grace your screen as you bring your mental powers to bear on a treasure-hording dragon.

Features include:

• Over 35 levels
• Open-ended gameplay
• Gorgeous hand-drawn artwork
• Soothing sounds and music

Visit to view screenshots and download the free trial version of Fairy Words. You can also purchase the full version of Fairy Words online for $19.95.

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