Alawar Releases Magic Gem
Dale City, Va. - July 13, 2005 - Just as diamonds are a girl's best friend, magic gems are the delight of game players everywhere. Magic Gem, a new
downloadable game from Alawar Entertainment, challenges logic and arcade action fans to match three or more gems of the same color as they rain from the sky and collect at the bottom of the screen.

A stunning fantasy world filled with magical life forms sets the stage for the enjoyable and addictive gameplay. As you line up gems using your mouse, you release coins that fill a status bar. When the bar is full, you win the level and advance to the next stage. Special gems release one of seven powerups, such as a lightning strike that will take out an entire column of gems and a bomb that can clear away a trouble spot.

Whether you want a relaxing color matching game or a fast-paced test of skill, Magic Gem has three speeds tailored to your preference. No matter which speed you choose, however, you'll have to react quickly to capture pickups and bonus points as they rise to the top of the display.

Alawar packed Magic Gem with dazzling animation and audio in an effort to make the game look and sound as good as it plays.

What you get:

• Eight hand-drawn backgrounds
• Two gameplay modes: Quest and Survival
• Three difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Hard
• Seven kinds of bonuses
• Free updates and technical support

Visit to view screenshots and download the free trial version of Magic Gem. You can also purchase the full version of Magic Gem online for $19.95.

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