Alawar Releases Snowy: Fish Frenzy
Dale City, Va. - September 26, 2005 - Bears like fish. Snowy, the adorable hero of games from Alawar Entertainment, is no exception. In Fish Frenzy, his new downloadable offering for the PC, he¡¦s caught so many fish, he¡¦s attracted a gang of sticky-fingered cats. Even with the help of his friends, Snowy can¡¦t guard his dinner from all of the felonious felines. Will you lend a hand?

The gameplay is simple: As cats sneak in from all sides of the screen to steal Snowy¡¦s fish, you try to smack them down before they make their getaway. A quick tap on your left mouse button knocks down the robbers for a few seconds, but they¡¦ll soon get up and continue their crime spree; holding down the same button longer gives you enough power to whack the bandits off-screen for good. To win a level, you must safeguard at least one of each kind of fish until time runs out.

As much fun as that is, an arcade game is only as good as its powerups - and Fish Frenzy has more than a dozen of the wackiest bonus items ever seen in a game. The Air Pump, for example, inflates cats and sends them drifting away like balloons. Even better, the Tornado tosses intruders off-screen with its untamed whirlwind. We¡¦d love to tell you what you can use on level 18, but we don¡¦t want to spoil the surprise! To obtain a powerup, you simply click on any number of things in the fully stocked environments; from trees to shallow ponds, there¡¦s help hidden on every level if you dare to take the time to find it.

Snowy and his pals also provide assistance, gathering the fish you¡¦ve salvaged and piling them together. Just be careful to not smack your friends while you¡¦re thumping a cat. The guard dogs on hand to chase away robbers enjoy snoozing on the job, though, so feel free to rouse them with a light slap.
Once again, Alawar and Aliasworlds have created a bright and colorful world for you to play in. Besides the hilarious visuals that accompany the bonus items, Snowy and the other characters move with lifelike smoothness. Rich animated detail abounds, down to the leaves that fall from the trees when you smack them. As with all of the Snowy games, Fish Frenzy is a delight for fans of eye candy.

What you get:

„h 80 levels of mouse-clicking merriment.
„h More than a dozen zany powerups.
„h Clean fun for the whole family.
„h Difficulty modes for every skill level.
„h Online high score board.
„h Free technical support and updates.
„h A hug from Snowy. (Not really, but he will be grateful for your help!)

Visit to view screenshots and download the free trial version of Snowy: Fish Frenzy. You can also purchase the full version of Fish Frenzy online for $19.95.

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