Merry Motors 2: Megapolis Lets Kids Learn Lots of New Things In Amusing Way
Company: AlbyMedia
AlbyMedia presents the release of version 1.0 of Merry Motors 2: Megapolis, a brilliant sequel to a highly popular educational game. All characters of the game are special machines. They'll introduce a child to the basics he needs to know about the surrounding world. Kids will learn to be more concentrated on a given task which is especially important in preparing for school.

The world is so big and interesting, especially when you are a child. There are so many things to discover and so many talents to acquire. All that
passion to everything new should have a proper guidance. Friendly and colorful characters of Merry Motors 2: Megapolis fit this role perfectly. They will
open the gate to new knowledge by teaching kids various skills and abilities with the help of fascinating educational games. Merry Motors 2 is designed for children from 5 to 9 and will become a key to their comprehensive development.

Merry Motors 2 continues the story of the world occupied with cars, crafts and ships. Each character is a special machine which has a purpose. The game
presents fire-engine, road-roller, bathyscaphe and lots of other pretty characters. Every machine invites a child into a captivating play that will teach
him a certain talent or ability. Thus your children will learn how to tell the time by a tower clock, learn new colors and how to differentiate them, see
various geometrical figures, test attentiveness, get acquainted with sea inhabitants and acquire many other skills.

The entire game comprises 27 developing mini-games. Each mission provides about 5-10 minutes of gameplay and can be selected at any time. Within every mini game a child should achieve some goal and train a certain skill. Also every task has a unique music accompaniment. Soft music and attractive visuals along with engaging gameplay will provide the most effective educational experience. What's more, the game comes with audible mission introduction as well as voiced result presentation, which makes a child smoothly plunge into the game.

Merry Motors 2 is a perfect opportunity to let your children play and learn at the same time. It's full of funny and vivid characters that will help your
children to develop in an amusing way. Kids will gladly immerse in the diverting world of the game, shining with vibrant characters that became familiar
from the first chapter of the story. Show this charming game to a child and he'll willingly expand horizons of knowledge in a next follow up to the
wonderful series.

Pricing and Availability
Merry Motors 2: Megapolis runs under all versions of Windows and costs $19.99 (US) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the
fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and upgrades. Further information on Merry Motors 2: Megapolis, as well as a free trial
copy is available for free from

About AlbyMedia
The company was founded in 2004 and specializes in the development of educational games for children of various ages. It had a nice start when the
company's first product, Merry Motors scored a success and received a warm welcome from critics and parents. For more information, please visit the
company's site at
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