Cybots Launch
Montreal, 01/06/2005 - Alchemic Dream, leader in services for MMOGs, and the innovative Swedish developer Disciples of the Machine, associate to run and distribute the game BattleCards:Cybots in English, French and German.

BattleCards Cybots is an online collectible game card without subscription. You may create your unique deck of Cybots cards, develop your strategies against thousands of players, and finally join tournaments in order to show your mastery and win numerous prizes.

Game features:
- Appealing to both casual- and hardcore-gamers
- No cost for the client (no need for purchase of the game)
- No monthly subscription fees
- Continuous updates with new expansions
- Worldwide ranking system and tournaments
- Watch and learn from the pros, as a spectator

Aurélien Merville, CEO of Alchemic Dream, comments this partnership: "With such user-friendly system and original business model, Cybots is a product of the highest quality. The international structure of Alchemic Dream Inc. and the experience of Disciples of the Machine represent two complementary assets that will give Cybots a well-deserved success on the market of online games."

Patrik Hansson, CEO of Disciples of the Machine adds: "Alchemic Dream quickly proved to be the publisher of choice for the product. A company that understand the underlying structure of our business model and what DOM is aiming for when it comes to digital distribution, as well as taking the time to play and understand the actual game and the quality of it, is a company DOM see as a good representative and future partner. With the ability to reach out to localized markets around the globe and with the concentration on a growing catalogue of quality MMOG titles, Alchemic Dream was the natural selection as publisher of Cybots."

About Alchemic Dream Inc.
Alchemic Dream Inc., leader in services for MMOGs, is a Canadian company specialized in management, support and localization of MMOGs. Alchemic Dream manages titles such as Dark and Light, Project Entropia, Neocron, A Tale in the Desert and Adellion, and owns the largest MMOG catalogue in Europe. For more information about Alchemic Dream, visit the corporate website at or contact the company at

About Disciples of the Machine
Disciples of the Machine D.O.M AB is a Swedish company specialized in development of innovative games and game technology. Disciples of the Machine develops products like the MMOG system Battlecards, MMOG game Battlecards:Cybots, 3D engine technology, the survival horror game Necrophobia and middleware solutions for other game developers.
For more information about Disciples of the Machine, visit the corporate website at or contact the company at
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